Who Are We?

  • People who are motivated by love, not by fear
  • People who joyfully describe themselves as Christians and want to share their faith
  • People who always take the Bible seriously, but not always literally
  • People who try hard to do the right thing, not just believe the right thing
  • People who trust that Jesus taught the most excellent way to God
  • People who recognize our differences, and don’t exclude those who are different

Why Litchfield Presbyterian?

Because YOU…

  • believe that God is real, but have lots of questions
  • are turned off by a “high pressure” approach to religion
  • are just as interested in “life before death” as in “life after death”
  • want to do something to make your community and your world a better place
  • would like a preacher who talks with you not “at” you
  • would like a friendly and welcoming church family

If any of these describe you, then we think you would feel right at home here!

Our Strengths as a Congregation

  • We are the right size: While there’s always room to grow, we like being a close-knit family of faith where everybody knows your name!
  • We are optimistic and hopeful: We see a bright future for our Church in Christ
  • We are faithful and generous: We trust God and like to live with open hearts and hands
  • We cherish our community spirit: We love and serve each other and our community
  • We are proud of our history and tradition: We’ve been around a while! We have deep roots in our community and our nation

Our Goals as a Congregation

  • We want to deepen our love for God and each other
  • We want to expand our community and mission outreach

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