From the Pastor, November 22, 2017


“You will say on that day (tomorrow!), I thank you, Lord. Thank the Lord. Proclaim God’s deeds among the peoples [at your Thanksgiving Dinner]. Declare that God gets the credit. Sing to the Lord who has done glorious things! [You can sing the Doxology, right?!] Spread the word everywhere [at the grocery store and library]. Shout and sing for joy, [town of Litchfield], because the Holy One is great among you.” (Isaiah 12)

God has been SO GOOD to us this year! Simple yet profound things like being alive, our health – no matter how limited – food, clothing, and shelter, a church that loves you!, and the specific things like a glorious Craft Fair! The Harvest Dinner. Thanksgiving Baskets to those in need. A Pastor who cares about you and loves you, faithful Church Leaders, a place to worship, new faces and old, children, youth, Community Breakfasts, etc.:

  • for the freedom to worship God as our consciences dictate.
  • for a firm foundation in Jesus Christ
  • for this church’s history, decades of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • for a beautiful building with preserved stained glass windows
  • a place to pray
  • for protection from violence, being kept safe in an unsafe world
  • for the love for each other – the family of God; friendship, companionship
  • for care for each other
  • for a beautiful corner garden, for the care of lawns and gardens and sign
  • for music, A lovely recital, special music from guests, and Joy’s music.
  • for unexpected financial blessings: a donation to heat the building, memorial gifts, a gift from the Parker Fund
  • Strawberry Festival excitement!
  • Community groups that use the building: Scouts, Seniors, Lions etc.
  • a LCTV media, facebook, web site, and youtube presence
  • Mug and Muffin: friendship and health care education
  • Baptisms (4) and weddings (2)
  • DOVE singers
  • a wonderful Study Break in Northern Ireland for the Pastor
  • First Responders and the Blanket hand off from Women’s Fellowship
  • to victims of human slavery in our area from WF
  • your heart for service through volunteering
  • A quote from 1 Chron 23:30

They were to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD. They were to do the same in the evening.

Let’s try it!

From your Pastor:

1 Tim 1:12: “I am thankful to Christ Jesus our Lord for considering me trustworthy and appointing me to serve Jesus” in this wonderful church!

From a little girl after the Thanksgiving Dinner: “I really liked the turkey, but I didn’t like what he ate.”