Message from the Pastor, Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Back in the saddle again.” We drove past the church building yesterday, and it is still standing! I have been working on a report to give you about my Study Break. I learned much, saw, listened, and read about LCCP’s Presbyterian roots in Northern Ireland, and got to spend time with my Scotch-Irish Presbyterian relatives and new friends.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty exciting! Heidi Miller will tell us about the successful Art Camp held the first week in July. This will be followed by the congregation’s receiving six new members, and hearing their faith stories. No sermon from me (please don’t make that your reason for coming!).

I have been praying for a vision for LCCP this coming year. Last year my vision was a bee-hive: people coming in and out, using the building, activities, and services to grow spiritually. This year my vision is a heart: that we will be the heart for God that the Litchfield community needs. I pray that none of us will be “Tin Men” and that our church will not be a “Tin Man”. We care. We have heart. (Yes, we went to see the Wizard of Oz at the Palace Theatre.)


If you are traveling soon, consider Presbyterian Air, the no-frills airline. You’re all in the same boat on Presbyterian Air, there is no First Class on any Presbyterian Air flight.  Flying Presbyterian Airlines is an uplifting experience.

Meals are potluck.  Rows 1-6, bring rolls, 7-15 bring a salad, 16-21 a main dish, and 22-30 a dessert.  Basses and tenors please sit together in the rear of the aircraft. Everyone is responsible for your own baggage. All fares are by freewill offering and the plane will not land until the budget is met.

Pay attention to your flight attendant, who will acquaint you with the safety system aboard this Presbyterian Air 666.  Loss of cabin pressure would probably indicate the Second Coming, and I wouldn’t bother with those little masks on the rubber tubes. You’re gonna have bigger things to worry about than that. Like whether you are going up or down.

In the event of a water landing, remember your baptism, and start saying the Lord’s Prayer. Just hope you get to the part about forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us, –some people say “debts,” which isn’t right, but what can you do?

The use of cell phones on the plane is strictly forbidden, not because they may interfere with the plane’s navigational system, no, it’s because if God meant you to use a cell phone, he would have put your mouth on the side of your head.

We’re going to start Coffee Hour right about noon and it’s buffet style with the coffee pot up front.  Then we’ll have the hymn sing…  hymnals in the seat pocket in front of you.  Don’t take yours with you when you go or I am going to be real upset and I am not kidding!

Right now I’ll say Grace…  “Come Lord Jesus be our guest and let these gifts to us be blest.  Father, Son and Holy Ghost, may we land at the airport or pretty close.  Amen.


A church had a picnic and invited the entire community to come. The Pastor placed a basket full of apples on one end of a table with a sign saying, “Take only one apple please – Remember that God is watching.” On the other end of the table was a plate of cookies where one of the children had placed a sign saying, “Take all the cookies you want — God is watching the apples.”