Weekly Message from the Pastor, January 19th, 2017

Pray for Peace. Pray for the poor and oppressed who may watch the Inauguration on television and see the glitz and glamour as a sign of oppression by the wealthy. On Sunday we will look at the years Jesus spent as a refugee, and the plight of refugees today. “Share each other’s troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2) The Litchfield Community Church has love to spare and love to share, it is a caring community of believers with tender hearts toward the unfortunate, especially those in our town. The Food Pantry had a full house this week, and there was plenty of food for all!

Let us spend the weekend in prayer for our Nation, that it will remain “under God” and “In God We Trust” will be our attitude throughout.

Weekly Message from the Pastor, January 12th, 2017

Have you created your Bucket List? On Sunday we will hear the account of Simeon’s, (Luke 2:25) Bucket List. A Bucket List usually includes the wild and wonderful things we want to do before we die. It’s hard to imagine ourselves doing exciting things. We live with routine. But during the Season of Epiphany we celebrate the God of surprises, who sheds new and exciting light into our lives. Are we ready for it? Or are we closing our eyes, living in darkness? Maybe it’s time to write our Bucket List and plan exciting things to do at church! This week someone said to me, “I dropped out of church when I was 10 because it was boring.” How sad! My seminary professor said it is a sin to make the Good News of Jesus Christ seem boring. Let’s ask for an Epiphany for all who find God boring! This morning I taught children about prayer, using prayer boxes, and it was exciting for them! Let’s consider the possible but improbable!